When I first entered the almost four-metre high rooms it became clear to me: this is where I want to work. The room height, as well as the work area covered with metal sheeting, which gives you the freedom to work without the worry of dropping clay on the floor, is perfect for sculpting. Its many niches seemed to be waiting for sculptures to be placed in them. One large niche was spacious enough for my grandmother’s favourite rug, which she had brought back to Norway after decades of living in China.

The thought of spending my breaks and leisure time in the south-facing quiet little backyard with its spicy herbs and many flowers, worked its allure on me as well. A small kitchen is always ready to provide a pot of fresh hot tea for my patients, course participants and myself…

Now that the room is fully furnished, the tools are in use and the shelves are filling up with more and more sculptures, it shows that the space is perfect for setting yourself straight and producing works of art. And after working hard in the studio, the nearby palace and botanical gardens offer a relaxing setting.